Celebrating your identity is the best gift you can give yourself. #ImPerfect campaigns by TT Devassy go viral!

As we all know, having a lean body and fair skin is considered the standard of being beautiful at some point in our lives. The societal norms are changing rapidly. People are now embracing their identities as they are and not following any idols that are perceived to be perfect. However, people are still subjected to verbal abuse and shaming remarks simply because of the way they look, even today.

Now here are three girls declaring boldly that they have no plans to change and are more than happy with the way they look. It is not an imperfection for them to have dark skin or burn marks on their skin. There is no awkwardness in flaunting their ‘oversized’ body. They just live their lives. They are just being themselves. That’s a definition of perfection!


There’s more to TT Devassy Jewellery’s #ImPerfect campaign than just an advertisement. Their choice of jewellery models is grabbing headlines. They’re not the skinny fair models you see in jewellery ads. According to society’s norms, they are all “imperfect” but all they need to become perfect is to embrace their true identity. This is the TT Devassy Jewellery campaign’s message.


In this advertisement, Prathana Jagan, Roselin Raj, and Apoorva Rambel are flooded with appreciation on social media. They are enhanced with the latest designer collections of TT Devassy Jewellery. Recently, the jewellery opened a new showroom in MG Road, Ernakulam, which was attended by film celebrities. In addition to this, the jewellery has 83 years of trusted service in Kunnamkulam.