Rima Kallingal comments on the attack against Anna Rajan on Social Media

Anna Rajan had some dissapointing experience in the previous days. The actress had made a comment about actor Mammootty on a television show and her words were misinterpreted by some media. This got Fans of Mammootty irritated and they started abusing the actress on the Social media Platform.

Later, the actress came live on her Facebook page to explain what really happened and to clear the air but during the live the actress got emotional and broke down.

Now another Mollywood actress Rima Kallingal has reacted to the issue, Rima Kallingal has crictisised all those people who are trolling Lichi. The actress also mentioned that the audience will accept Mammootty even if he is essaying the role of a 70 year old or a 30 year old and he can do it like a boss.