Anthichristhu – Malayalam Short Film 2018 (With English Subtitles)

Anthichristhu – A Final Sentence is a neo-noir crime drama short film. An experimental film based on the concept of human perspectives, Rashomon effect. The film is structured in hyperlink pattern and has subtle elements of magical realism in it.

Directed by: Arun Kumar

Produced by: Sandeep Kumar

Written & Edited by: Vignesh P Sasidharan

Director of Photography: Anand P Mohandas

Associate Director: Fazil Ales

Assistant Directors: Jithin Jose, Nikhil Bejoy

Stills & Live sound : Aravind Haridas

Production Design: Safvan M M

Designs: Parthan Suresh

Biblical References: Phinto Piuse

Action Choreography: Sidharth Peethambaran

Vocals Recorded by: Sunil Purushotham

Recording Studio: Expressions, E.Kadungalloor

Foley Effects and Sound mixing: Safvan M M , Vignesh P S

Subtitles by: Rashmi Ratnakaran

Cast: Sandeep Michael, Vishnu Shaji, Sidharth Peethambaran, Mayika M, Ayana Babu, Gayathri, Nikhil Bejoy, Rajesh Ganeshan, Phinto Piuse, Aravind Haridas, Afsal

Music credits:

“Valuska” – Mihaly Vig

“Turin Horse” – Mihaly Vig

“Rain” – Mihaly Vig

“Harang I” – Mihaly Vig

“Leviathan” – Philip Glass

“The Hours” – Philip Glass

“Maria Luisa” – Dong Hwan Noh (Classical guitar)

“Flamenco Maleguena” – Yannick Lebosse (Spanish guitar)

“New Frontiers” – Ross Bugden

“Corn Island (2014)” – Ioseb Bardanashvili

“The Club (2015)” – Carlos Cabezas

“Berserk (2016)” – Bione Drone

“Bleach-Enemy Unheard” – Shiro Sagisu

“Film Noir Instrumental” – LFM