64th Filmfare Awards South 2017

South Filmfare Awards 2017

2017 Filmfare Awards 2017 Hosted By Vijay Devarkonda & Allu Sirish Along With VIVA Harsha.

The 64th Filmfare Awards South ceremony honoring the winners and nominees of the best of South Indian cinema in 2016 is an event to be held on 17 June 2017 at Novotel and HICC Complex in Hyderabad. As Indian cinema is making a strong impact globally, it’s time for South Indian Cinema to claim its space in the realm of world cinema. It’s time the Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam industries took the centre stage worldwide. The Filmfare Awards promises to be an event that film lovers across the world would sit up and watch with bated breath. Getting together stars from four industries with scintillating performances and mesmerizing acts, see who takes home the award, while creating yet another milestone…