At the North East Corner Of My Heart | Malayalam Short Film

We all have a a beautiful north east corner in our heart. A place where we store our unfulfilled desires, hurts and unrequited love. That’s our special place where none can enter. This short film is a journey to that beautiful north east corner of our hearts.

Cast: Aneesha Ummer, Bibin Mathai, Roshan Anand, Vishnu Vidyhyadaharan, Manoj M B, Sangeeth Soman.
Writer & Directer : Anup Narayanan
Music : Joel Johns
Cinematography: Prasad Yhogi
Editing & Colouring: Anup Narayanan
Guitar Motif: Simon CJ & Adelene Simon
Humming: Angel Mary
Dubbing & Sound Effects: Jibin George
Audio Mixing & Mastering: Happy Jose (Woodpecker Studios, Kochi)
Colour Grading Consultant: Arun P G

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