Pendant | Malayalam Short Film

Pendant short film is a fiction short film concerning the Paranormal activities caused by living human actions and their impact on the supernatural belief. Although the story is Based upon true events. It is believed that a PENDANT carries a curse which cannot be reversed by any manner. A curse of a woman perhaps which brutally murdered in the past, buried or stayed within a mansion which is abandon by the society.

Cast: Sujal, Rahul, Sujithran Sidharthar, Pavithran Sidharthar, Nandhini Parameswar, Sandeep Krishna, Gopika Mannadiyar
Editing & Direction : Sandeep Krishna
Executive Producer : Pavithran Sidharthan
Camera : M G Rahul
DOP : Sujal Unnikrishnan
Music Credits : Boque Banos (Evil Dead 2013)
Screenplay : M G Rahul & Sandeep Krishna

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